MSNBC Analyst: ‘I Would Slit My Throat’ If I Had to Sit Through Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Press Briefings

While appearing on MSNBC on Friday, analyst John Heilemann indicated that White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ press briefings were so bad that he would kill himself if he had to sit in the briefing room.

He was talking with MSNBC have Nicolle Wallace and White House journalist Kristen Welker who asked Sanders about a disputable remark one of the White House’s helpers apparently made.

Watch Heilemann’s comments below:

Aide Kelly Sadler reportedly downplayed Ѕen. John McCain’s influence on the nomination process for Gina Haspel, saying that he was “dying anyway” due to his brain cancer diagnosis.

Wallace, like others, suggested Trump should terminate Sadler. She asked Welker how Sadler’s comment comported with First Lady Melania Trump’s “Be Best” campaign. When Welker said would Melania called for a high moral and ethical standard, Wallace balked, “What a joke!”

Wallace asked how any columnist like Welker could sit through the briefings. She contrasted Sanders with “Baghdad Bob,” an epithet for the man who would deliver inaccurate squeeze briefings amid the Iraq war.

Amid the press instructions, Sanders drove away inquiries regarding the Sadler remark, saying she wouldn’t approve a break from an inward workforce gathering.

Calling Sanders’ press briefings a “horror show,” Heilemann praised the press corps for trying to expose the “hypocrisy” and “lies” coming from the White House. Heilemann said that reporters like Welker had more fortitude than him.

“I could not go down there and do what Kristen Welker did today. I could not. I would slit my throat after about maybe two of those briefings if I had to sit in that room every day,” he said.

Republican strategist Steve Schmidt took things to another level, suggesting that Baghdad Bob was more honorable than Sanders because Sanders didn’t face a death threat like he did.

“If Baghdad Bob didn’t say what Saddam Hussein wanted him to say, Baghdad Bob would have been shot,” he said. “Sarah Sanders is lying of her own volition.”

He went on to call the administration “debased” and divisive for the country.



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