Trump Taking It Away From Libs And Using It ALL To Pay For His WALL – HELL YEAH!

For over a year, since President Trump was chosen there has been a great deal of discuss a southern fringe divider being worked to help stem the tide of illicit settlers flooding into our nation. Obviously, numerous on the left have contended that the development of this divider is excessively costly to build, and it would hurt U.S. relations with Mexico, yet that has not prevented Trump from proceeding with his gets ready for his “huge lovely divider.” Now, if liberals were furious before about the divider, they will be perturbed after what Trump simply declared he is detracting from them to pay for it, and whatever is left of America couldn’t be more satisfied.

For decades illegals have flooded into America over our southern border, but with Trump’s new wall that will end the madness.

While Barack Obama was in office he did everything in his power to cater to those that would help destroy our country. For years, illegal immigrants and refugees flooded over our borders and then were placed on government assistance that millions of taxpayers funded. Of course, this angered hard-working Americans in our country that were doing whatever they could to make ends meet, while illegals lived off our tax dollars. For years, many people on the Republican side have said that if we cut welfare assistance to illegal immigrants it would stop the influx over our borders, but of course, the left has resisted.

Now, a new study revealed proves that theory is 100 percent spot on and that not only would it save Americans tons of money but those savings would pay for the wall which has liberals seeing red.

President Trump visited California earlier last week to look over the border wall prototypes.

Here is more from The Daily Caller:

“President Donald Trump has repeatedly said Mexico would foot the bill for his proposed wall along the southwest border, but the barrier could end up paying for itself by saving the U.S.Treasuryy billions in welfare payments.

Evaluations for building a strong physical hindrance along the U.S.- Mexico fringe go from $18 to $25 billion, contingent upon the sort and separation of the divider. Once built, however, the hindrance would spare a few times that sum by decreasing the quantity of illicit fringe crossers who wind up on welfare moves, as indicated by Steven Camarota, the exploration executive at the Center for Immigration Studieѕ.

“The wall could pay for itself even if it only modestly reduced illegal crossings and drug smuggling,” he told the New York Post.

Camarota crunched the numbers and found that if the border wall cut an expected 1.7 million illegal crossings by 200,000 — about 12 percent — over a decade, it would pay for itself in fiscal savings from welfare, public education, tax credits and other benefits available to low-income, illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America.

At the higher end of effectiveness, if a wall stopped 50 percent of those expected crossings in the next 10 years, it would save $64 billion — nearly four times the cost of the wall — in welfare and social spending alone.

That’s because, despite a prohibition on illegal immigrants using federal welfare, the majority of households headed by illegal immigrants are on welfare through their children. U.S. Census Bureau surveys show that about 62 percent of all illegal immigrant-headed households use at least one federal welfare program, according to a 2015 CIS report authored by Camarota.

Use of Medicaid is especially high — about half of all illegal-immigrant households use federal programs that pay for the hospital bills of poorer Americans. That figure jumps to 72 percent for illegal immigrant households with children.

Many illegal immigrants also receive refundable tax credits for their U.S.-born children because the IRS requires a filer only to show a taxpayer identification number to receive the child tax credit. That interpretation translates to a huge subsidy: In 2013, 4.4 million filers using a taxpayer identification number claimed child tax credits worth $6 billion, according to a 2013 GAO report.

Some border security experts say access to welfare and tax credits is a powerful magnet for illegal immigration. A wall along the southwest border would go a long way toward deterring those looking to cross into the U.S. illegally to take advantage of welfare programs, explained Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council.”

Not one American in our nation could ever deny somebody needing to come here to improve a life for themselves and family, yet kindly do it legitimately. For many illegals to surge over our fringes, get on government help and afterward neglect to acclimatize into our way of life is a slap in the face for each family that has come here lawfully.

For years, the Democrat party has run America into the ground by raising taxes and allowing illegal immigrants to run amuck in our nation. Now, Trump is saying enough is enough and is going to what he can do to protect the country from those who are doing their best to destroy us.

The border wall is what our country needs to ensure that criminals and terrorists are not waltzing through unvetted and unchecked anymore. We have seen the danger of allowing people from dangerous regions enter our country and create chaos and havoc where ever they go. Hopefully, in time more people will get behind it instead of fighting against Trump and the will of the American people as a nation without borders is not a nation at all.



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